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Christina LeeaneChristina is a woman whose passion is seeing others live a healthy life: physically and spiritually. Her desire is to see others fulfill their God-given purpose by incorporating daily disciplines in their health and walk with God.​

In 2012, she became severely sick, with Necrotizing Fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacteria, that was life-threatening. She spent 8 days in the ICU and amassing a total of 4 surgeries. God showed her a miracle and began her on a journey toward healing, not only her physical body but her broken and wounded heart.

God began to teach her the importance of living a healthy life, one that ultimately pleases him. Through the physical aspects of healing, she began to learn the spiritual side of being healthy for God, which included living a healthy lifestyle and a heart surrendered to him.

God has all of us on a journey, although each person’s journey is unique from another, we must seek God in order to understand how we honor him with our lives, both spiritually or physically.

Through the journey of affliction, “HeartBeat” was birthed. Christina hopes she inspires others to strive to please our Savior because we were bought with a high price, and every aspect of our life must please him, including our health.

“HeartBeat” is for those who yearn to live a life that ultimately pleases God. Are you ready to embark on a new endeavor, one that will change your life permanently?

If so, welcome to “HeartBeat!!”