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My Life in Ministry: Part 1

There was a season in my life, where I constantly watched the News channel like a sports fan who watches his favorite team play during football season. The reason I was a consistent news watcher, was because my dream was to become one of them. I studied their voices, their behaviors, and the way they articulated the news to the world.

The dream to be a prominent journalist and news broadcaster engrossed my heart. I knew that goal was a challenging endeavor, but I wanted the challenge because I believed that once I accomplished the dream, I would be satisfied.

I became a victim of the American dream. I grew up with the desire to accomplish numerous goals such as becoming a news broadcaster, and nothing was going to hinder me.  No one was going to tell me I was inadequate. Once I embarked on the journey toward completing my college degree, my goals became closer to the reality I created for myself.

I was going to be a successful woman, the woman people envy because of her accomplishments. I know that may seem a bit prideful, but I created my own agenda for my life, and God was not the center of my earthly goals. I knew deep in my heart that God had plans for my life, but his plans did not line up with the plans, I believed were best for me. His plans were not as paramount, as the personal goals I set out to achieve.

As I became closer to God, my desires began to become his desires.  As I began to surrender my will, the more I came to the realization that God had called me to ministry. Christ-like ministry is servanthood, and I am to serve in God’s kingdom.

God exemplified the ultimate servant, by serving those while he walked on this earth. God did not demand acceptance nor seek the approval of others for the Minstrel work he did here, but served with love and extended mercy to people who never loved him back.

God began to change my heart because I finally began to surrender my will. I stopped fighting him, and I began to trust the journey he placed me on. I don’t know about you, but my ambitions have shifted since I’ve allowed God to teach me to become a Godly woman. My ultimate desire is to fulfill his purpose for my life.

God bought me at a high price, one I will never be able to repay. I owe him my life, which includes my personal dreams and goals.

Check Your Pulse Moment: The Ministry God has birthed in you, will draw you closer to him!

Are you willing to surrender your earthly desires, in order to fulfill God’s plan for your life? At the end of the day, my ultimate desire is to lay my head down knowing I put a smile on God’s face.

Right now, surrender your dreams to him. Ask him what he desires for your life. Trust me, his plans are far better than what you have mapped out for your life.